4 Ideas to Treat Yourself on Valentine's Day

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“The women who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on planet”


Being single on valentine’s day?  Fear not. You can be just as happy! Valentine’s day is all about love and there’s more to love than just relationships. My advice... spend your valentine's day with the most important person for yourself:  You.



1. Enjoy the little things 

For me personally, I really love waking up to a fresh flower. I cant explain why but they just give me such great vibes to start my day. Have your own “little things” ready so you can start your day with a beautiful smile.



photo from: www.fairmont.com

2. Pamper yourself

Self care isn’t self indulgence. Self care is self respect.  

Its such a perfect time to step back to a self pamper routine. Melt all your worries away in a luxurious spa or have your favorite face, nail, and hair treatment at your favorite saloon. Nothing beats the feeling of a brand new self, am I right?


Best Luxury SPA in Jakarta:

Raffles / Fairmont Hotel. 

Favorite Saloon in Jakarta:

Felicity Darmawangsa Square

(They are offering a promo package for the month of February! Check out their instagram @felicity_id)

Favorite Beauty Clinic in Jakarta:

Mademoiselle Clinic. Check out their instagram @mademoiselle_clinic



3. Indulge in sweets

Desserts for breakfast? lunch? dinner? Yes please..! It’s great if you are disciplined and strict on your diet, but on valentine's day? lets live a little! 



4. More Lipsticks? Or more shoes?

Spoil yourself to something pretty- maybe things that you have been stalking for months, it is the time to make them yours- you deserve it. 



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