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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know one of the most  coveted brand right now, developed by Miss Kylie Jenner, The Kylie Cosmetics. 

Regardless of some bad press about it being a repackaged colourpop, or the issue about the lipgloss brush, or stolen orders, etc, i think Kylie Cosmetics is still BOMB. I mean, her products are actually REALLY REALLY GOOD. And it keeps getting better and better. You a very short amount of time, she managed to keep creating new products, colors, and collections, she revamped and improved her liquid matte formula, she changed the applicator, and the fact that the liquid lippies and their matching liners are now sold as singles. I think thats fab! 

In this post, im sharing with you 3 of my favorite products from the brand. I have tried almost everything, and I have to say so far my favorites are still these 3 products.



I love kylie’s liquid matte. First of all, let me tell you this, it is NOT a repackaged Colourpop, sure they have some similar colors, but the formula is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

She has actually revamped her formula from her first release, it is now thinner, more lightweight, and not as creamy which is a good thing. Kylie’s formula doesn’t dry out my lips, well maybe it does when my lips are super dry, but on most days, it looks great.  She also offers such beautiful color choices and my staples are Candy K, Ginger K, and Mary Jo K

Just something to put in mind, the lip liner does make the liquid matte go on smoother and last longer, but I find myself not using the liner as much and it still looks pretty great.



Left: Old applicator, Right: New and improved applicator



The formula of these shadows are SO GOOD. They are super creamy, easy too blend, and the color pay off is soooo good.  I wasn’t impressed with the bronze pallete but thank God I gave it a second chance for their second pallete because boy this one is good! The colors in this pallete are so unique and so in style right now! Also you can actually create so much with it. Cant wait for another bomb ass palate!

(Just a little extra FYI, I have tried their chirstmas edition pallete, not as good! Id say skip on that one.)



top: literally, bottom:like


I was contemplating between the lipgloss or the crème shadow in Camo that I love. But honestly I use the lipgloss way more than the crème shadow. So yeah.

Kylie lip gloss is probably one of my favorites lip gloss in the market right now. First of all, its pigmented, you can use it by its own or on top of another color. The color 'literally' in particular is a perfect nude that goes well with every lip color! I literally put it on top of any color and it always come through for me. This gloss is not sticky whatsover and it looks so shiny! OBSESSED. 



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