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2016 is the year of liquid lipstick as we all aware. So many brands launched their own, including here in our beloved country, Indonesia. So today I will try 3 different local brands of liquid lippies and try to pick my favorite at the end of this post. These 3 brands are probably the most popular indie brands here in Indonesia and I thought it would be fun to kinda compare and see what they're about. 



This brand is the first local-indie-cosmetics-line that I heard was coming out. I remember feeling so intrigue because their whole campaign was just too cute! 

This product is not only a lip product, its actually a cheek and lip product, so like its name you can apply it to your cheek as well as your lips. They have a VERY creamy consistency and it dries down powdery on your lips. I think its almost identical to the Borjouis lip crème that we loved so much back in the day. So if you like that, then you will like this. I personally don’t love a very creamy & powdery formula because it tends to dry out my lips more and they don’t last as long, so its not really my cup of tea. I have to say though because they are creamy, THEY ARE GORGEOUS APPLIED AS A BLUSH! Super easy to blend.

One thing to note about this brand, they have a super fun-cool-unique-yet wearable color choices which I think really represents their brand personality. Check them out in here.




I have shared a little of my thought of this brand in my instagram a few weeks ago. First of all, I love their packaging, its rose gold, so do I need to say more?

So far, they have 2 kinds of lippies, one is the liquid lipstick and the other one is the satin lip crayon. A little bit about the satin lip crayon, I love it! The formula is butter like and really just easy to apply, colors are beautiful too! My favorite is Jolina. UGH! DEAD.

Ok back to liquid lippies. Esqa also has a creamy consistency, but not as creamy as the RR ones and it dries down matte not powder-like. Its opaque and easy to apply. But whats winning for me is their color choices. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. I feel like they are more into elegant-wearable-neutral-everyday color than “fun colors” (so far) which is definitely my thang. My favorite is one of their new colors, called Coral Tease. Gorgeous! The only downside of this lippie is that it kinda feel a bit sticky when its dry.  Check them out here or i believe they are also available at Sephora Indonesia.




Thank Goodness, i finally get my hands on these!

Formula wise, again creamy, but definitely thinner than the others. It feels like you barely wear anything on, which I love. The pigmentation is awesome, it dries down matte, IT IS NOT STICKY, and it doesnt dry out my lips. #winning! Whats interesting for me is the applicator. Its pretty different than any other liquid lippies, this one is thin and long. I guess she made it like that so you can line your lips easily with it.

 If youre wondering, my favorite color from this brand is their new metallic one, called Caramel Champagne. GORG! Check them out here.


Ok so now my favorite, I have to say formula wise, BLPbeauty. no doubt. Its so comfortable! But ESQA CORAL TEASE still has a

sweet spot on my heart, such a perfect nude color for me..


All and all, i am so proud of our locals. Looking forward to try more!

Till next time,




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