2017 Resolutions

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!!!!!!! How was your NYE? I hope everyone had a blast!

Ok so thinking back to 2016….. I personally think it was a great year. Pretty tough but it was a life changing and adulting year (in a good way) for me.  I graduated from college, got to work in marketing which i now realized how much i love it,  launched my blog, got to meet a lot of new friends, and many more.  I feel blessed and grateful. Thank you 2016! On another note, I hope 2017 will bring more success, knowledge, experience, love, friends, happiness, and most of all.. health and a better self.  AMEN. 

What to do in the beginning of the year? MAKE RESOLUTIONS. I LOVE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS SINCE FOREVER. They give me something to wake up to everyday. My advice about making resolutions are....(1) Think of somethings that you trully want that is ACHIEVABLE and REALISTIC. You have to be clear and smart about it cause you SHOULD NOT have too many. And (2) WRITE IT DOWN, track your progress, and reward yourself.  You know what they say "out of sight, out of mind". I like to write my goals and see my progress in my goal journal. Mine was a gift from my best friend and its from the brand Kikki.k. A little about this book, it has 5 sections for each type of your goals, which are personal development, family and relationships, finance and career, health and fitness, and dare to dream. You can put the target date of your goal, write down why you want to achieve this goal, whats holding you back, steps to get there, and once you complete it, you can check it off the list and it even reminds you to reward yourself! Honestly, one of the best gift ever!


Anyway, usually when I set goals, I keep them to myself, but this year I wanted to publicly talk about them, so you guys can keep my accountable!  So here it goes….


1. Back in Shape

I cant stress this enough, I have to get back into my shape….. 10 kgs to go. 


2. Work out atleast 2 times a week

As an addition to my diet and for my mental sanity


3. Prepare for my Master Degree

A LOT of tests to take. That’s all I can say. Don’t want to jinx it.


4. Become more active on my blog and other social media. Also make a Youtube channel.

Blogging is something that I wanted to do in a long time and even though I have launched my blog in the mid of 2016, I feel like I haven’t really put 100% of myself out there because of one too many reasons.

But this year, i promise to let my blog 'consume' me more than anything else! 

(BTW, if anyone know a great videographer, production house, or somesort that I can check out, please email me!)


5. More stamps in my Passport

Yes please. 


Now that I’ve shared my goals, I would love to hear yours!





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Good luck on your resolution. All is well for all of us. Much love :)

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