Pool Essentials

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Living in Jakarta means we pretty much have the sun all year round. So here, you don’t need to wait for summer to have a day at the pool. You can do it all day, everyday which makes it not that special to be honest, lol.

Even so, I’ve been spending my weekend at the pool lately. I was first motivated to go because of the cute pool floats that I just bought. But then I was reminded of how much I love spending a day at the pool just to relax. Yep my definition of a day at the pool is 80% doing everything else but swimming, like reading a magazine, listening to music, drinking soda while floating on the water, and 20% actual swimming. LOL

Anyway, today I thought I’d share my pool essentials and hope you enjoy!

1. Towel – Obviously. DUH 

2. Sunscreen – Probably the most important stuff to bring to the pool. I divided my sunblock into two: one for the body and one for the face. I love Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF50+ Wet Force for the face because first of all, it’s water resistant (duh) and second, it makes my face completely matte when applied. It also didn't leave any white cast, so that’s perfect!

For the body, I’ve always been into Banana Boat spray sunscreen - it’s just so much easier to apply!

3. Dry Shampoo & Coconut Oil Spray- For the hair I usually bring two things (beside my hair ties). The first one is my dry shampoo. To be honest I don’t use it EVERYTIME I went to the pool but it becomes very handy especially when you haven’t washed your hair and you wanna take a picture looking fab with a voluminous hair before you wet your hair. THAT’S when you’ll thank me that you have this on hand. LOL 

Number two is my coconut oil spray, because sometimes with or without the dry shampoo, my hair looks super dull and dry so I spray this on to add a little healthy shine and also, it smells like heaven! 

4. Facial Mist – Never leave the house without it!  

5. Lip balm – I would suggest to bring a lip balm with SPF but I’m currently out of it sooooo whatever lip balm will do for right now ☺ 

6. Cover-up – SO much cuter than towels right? lol

7. Sunglasses - The sun is pretty blinding here! It's hard to go outside without them. These are a must-have when you live in Jakarta!

8. Floppy Hat - it’s cute and it provides that extra coverage! 

9. Entertainment – Like I said, my day at the pool is 80% chillin. So an entertainment is crucial. So don’t forget to bring your book or magazine, speaker or headset to play your fave song, and some snacks! 


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