#blogtakeover vol. 1

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Introducing, two of my bestfriends, the ones that helped me make this blog happen. Thank you.




Fitriasti Sangkaningrat


"Since bella always ask me about my lashes and got so obsessed over it, I decided to talk about them on this colomn. So ok, I dont have a super long curl lashes from birth LOL, but about a year a go I bought some kind of lash serum in Hongkong. It’s the Methode Swiss Eye care eyelash Intensifying Concentrate. It was an impulse buying but my lashes has changed dramatically ever since I started using them! It’s long and curled now and a lot of people asked me if I had them done recently. But no. It’s the serum! Well it’s really the combination between the serum and my mascara. Bella already talked about this mascara, its the Heroine Makke Mascara. You can buy it in Watson for a very affordable price. And as for the serum, you can get it at SASA (beauty store). And oh! if i can give you any tips, apply the serum at the very root of your lashes, because if youre not careful then you get hair grown above your lash line, and thats just weird. lol "-- As told to Albella.





Kalyla Permata Yahya


“The only makeup product I wear (and collect) is lipcolors. So for the sake of the colomn, I’m just going to share my lip rituals and my favorite lip color at the moment.I have relatively dry lips and it’s very challenging for me, because I love matte lippies the most. So you probably know the drill, if you have dry lips and you want to wear a matte, you should exfloliate. I use the famous lip scrub from LUSH. Is it good? Yes. Over priced? Probably. Lol. If you guys dont want to spend a lot, a DIY lip scrub would totally work just the same. After exfloliating, my secret is to sleep with a lip sleeping mask from Laneige. I know a lip sleeping mask sounds like a gimmick but this thing has changed my lips!! No more cracks and chapped lips!

It looks like a potted lipbalm with a cute pink packaging and It comes with tiny little Spatula. It has a waxy lip balm texture which is somewhat sticky. So basically what you’re suppose to do is to slap on a thick layer of it before bedtime as an intensive night treatment. It does work like a lip balm but it has some kind of exfloliating properties in it too, although I don’t find it as exfoliating as well as it mosturizes. That’s why I like to use a different lip scrub before putting this on, because the lip mask can penetrate the skin of the lips better and leaves them silky soft. Another trick that I discovered is that you can use any excess product into your cuticles as a nail nourisher.

SO next, favorite lip color. Easy. Girlactic in Allure. Perfect everyday color and the formula is one of the best!"---As told to Albella.


Till next time, 


#Blogtakeover is a colomn on albellasoedarsono.com. The main purpose of this colomn is to provide a safe place for everyone to share about anything beautiful for them. Mostly it will be about beauty, from tips and tricks, beauty rituals, tutorial, etc. But other than that, it could be about personal experience, hobby, and whatever it may be. Bella was inspired because theres a lot of people that do amazing work on their hobbies or have some cool tricks about beauty and yet they dont have a place to share these things. Therefore this colomn is created to be a platform that holds all the creativity. 



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